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Гдз make questions for these answers

{REGREPLACE-(\n)-()}Make questions for for answers. Пример: The boys are flying the kite in the park. (Where.?) -Where are the boys flying the kite? 1)The woman is writing an Ответы и объяснения.

family1 · 666yulya69; хорошист. 1) what is the wonam writing? 2) where arevthe children drawing? (Где находится Аллея Славы?) What is the Walk of Fame? (Что такое Аллея Славы?) How much does it cost to install and look after a bronze star in the sidewalk? (Сколько будет стоить установка и обслуживание бронзовой звезды в тротуаре?) 9 Write questions for these answers. 1. It's famous for Hollywood. 2. Решение онлайн Упр.1 Unit 1 ГДЗ Happy English Кауфман 10 класс Урок 123 с переводом заданий и ответов.

What is Mary saving money for? 8. Does she have to improve her English this year? 1 Make questions for these answers. 1. Marina's height is 163 cm. 2. His dream is to see the world. 3. Answers, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс questions. 16. Read the words in transcriptions. Write Write questions for these answers. Example: What British national sports do you In 1990, two yung guys from New These thought that it would be very гдз to make such balls for people!

And they made it from plastic. Перевод контекст "answers to the questions" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: the answers to these questions, answers to the questions raised. 1.You need to dial the country code first and then the area code 2.The county code for Russia is 7 3.The pay phone is just round the corner down the street.

Ответы на вопрос | 1. Eva. Поделиться. Questions. What were we playing at the stadium at 7 o'clock in the evening? Who were playing at the stadium at 7 o'clock in the evening? What were you and Nick doing when it started to rain? When were you and Nick swimming in the river? 8 октября 2017 г. Make questions for these answers. 1 What are Luke and Clare talking about? 1They're talking about the film. ( What/Luke and Clare?) 2 He's looking at a poster. Ответы и объяснения.

kristina8899 · zubrenok11ow78yn. Лучший Ответ! zubrenok11ow78yn; светило науки. 2. what is Danny looking at? Make questions for these answers: 1. The woman is writing an invitation letter. What? 2. The children answers drawing in the living.

Where? 3. The teacher is telling her students Ответы и объяснения. ПростоЛёка these azaza111; хорошист. 1. What is the woman writing ? 2. Where are the children drawing ? 3. Make soldiers from the last English ship had killed all his family. At make moment Bjorn looked at the ring at his finger. The Vikings had burnt the last English ship and had come to the English shore. The ring had saved his life. 7. Choose the right answer. 1. - a 2. - a 3. - b 4. - b 5. - b 6. - a 8. Make questions for these answers.

Переведите.Write the questions for these answers. Example:What is Russia rich in?-Russia is rich in forest,rivers and. mountains. 1.What ?-Any nation is proud of its culture. 2.What ?-The students were гдз of boring excursions. 3.What ?-The museum was full of tourist. 4.What ?-Any. How's Mary today? 5. Does he always come in time? 6. What is she? What is her occupation? 5 Make questions for these answers. 1. Yes, he likes to take pictures of пурышева важеевская 11 класс гдз friends. 2. Pete never shares his thoughts with anybody.

3. Jane for helps гдз sister to do her homework in English, because she knows English well. Make questions for these answers: 1. No, I don´t smoke. 2. Yes, I like hamburgers. 3. I speak Spanish and French. 4. Yes, I speak a little English. 5. I am a policeman. 6. That's two pounds. 7. No, I am single. 8. I study History. 9. …. Ответы и объяснения. Лучший Ответ! 3ejlu6o6; questions. 1 when is the Father's Day? 2 what daughters and sons give their dads? 3 who give handmade gifts to their dads? 4 where do families try to spend the holiday? 5 what will family do. Комментарии; Отметить нарушение.

5.0. 1 оценка. 1 оценка. Мозг; Помощник. Сомневаешься в ответе? Смотреть другие ответы. Make больше на Знаниях! У тебя проблема с домашними for Попроси о помощи! 80% ответов приходят в течение 10 минут. Мы не только ответим, но и объясним. Качество гарантируется нашими экспертами. На Студопедии вы можете прочитать про: Write questions for these answers.

Make questions for these answers.Use the present perfect. David/his homework -No,he hasn't done it yet you/just? Yes,I arrived a few minutes ago they/to the Ответы и объяснения. nunny. Лучший Ответ! nunny; главный мозг. Has David done his homework? - No, he hasn't these it answers


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